Portrait(s), Adhered (2021)

In early 2021, I embarked on my artistic journey with the inception of the "Portraits, Adhered" series. This project defies conventional photographic methods by embracing nontraditional techniques that involve digital capture and the direct affixation of self-portraits onto wooden boards using a medley of materials such as wheat-paste, PVA glue, clear acrylic gesso, and staples. Through this unconventional approach, I set out to challenge the prevailing material hierarchies entrenched in contemporary image and media consumption.

The backdrop of self-isolation that permeated this period compelled me to channel my introspection into the ongoing creation of this series. Within "Portraits, Adhered," I transform the image of myself into a dynamic landscape ripe for abstraction and deconstruction. By reimagining my self-portraits in this manner, I strive to provoke contemplation about the multifaceted nature of personal and societal identity.

This artistic exploration has led me to uncover the sculptural dimensions hidden within the realm of photography. By melding the two-dimensional and three-dimensional aspects of the medium, I have transcended traditional boundaries and breathed life into images that transcend mere representation. Through experimentation, innovation, and a deep desire for self-examination, "Portraits, Adhered" has become a testament to my unwavering commitment to disrupting norms and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.