Portrait(s) Coated (2023)

In 2023, I took a distinct turn back towards experimentation and one-of-a-kind peices.  In the spirit of creative play, I prioritized the joy that art-making and the exploration of materials can bring.

With a deep fascination for the materiality of paper and its inherent duality as both a two-dimensional and three-dimensional medium, I embarked on a creative exploration that resulted in the birth of unique sculptures and photographic collages. These artworks are not only a celebration of paper but also incorporate unconventional elements such as cement, resin, and studio debris.

Central to my practice is the belief in self-sufficiency, where every aspect of the creative process unfolds within the confines of my studio. This commitment to a self-sustained practice allows for a  connection between myself and the materials I work with, fostering a sense of ownership over each creation.

Throughout the year, I remained rooted in the ongoing exploration of self-portraiture, endeavoring to push the boundaries of my artistic expression. These one-of-a-kind pieces reflect a desire to embrace both the expansiveness of my vision and the authenticity of physical form.

Photographic Collages, Enamel Paint & Cement/ Plaster/ Resin on Wood Board


Photographic Collages, Enamel Paint/ Fabirc/ Resin on Wood Board

Archival Pigment Prints 

Monoprints on Mixed Media Paper

Photographic collages, Hand Dyed Gauze with Enamel Paint and Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas