1. Plastic 

This work takes place in video, photographic and collage form on to plastic material that is considered garbage. By using these materials and methods I discuss topics of permanence, correctness, and perspective through plastic and its materiality.
I am attracted to working with plastic due to its accessibility and its inherent malleable nature and I try to explore the social decay of an idealized material over time. I melt, sew, paint and tie this material together to create a canvas for projection, or objects for consumption.
My interest to use plastic refuse material comes from the fact that modern society frequently finds itself at odds with the ideals of its past. Many idealized technologies, objects, and theories from our past deviate from their utopic origins and become malicious in our current perspective. Plastics have a complicated history; an integral material in our society that has shifted in social acceptance and political status. I use the social connotations of the material to express the façade of perfection and its relation to consumption which is not only projected in the media but also on to oneself.

2. Projection, Plastic Experiments 2019 


3. Melted Plastic


4. Plastic Scuptures, Packed Bags


5. Scuptures, Sheet Plastic


Rebecca Marimutu

Interdisciplinary Artist & Educator

Photography | Video | Sculpture

Inquiries, Commissions, or Prints at marimutu@gmail.com


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