The Community Photo Project works to divest in the photographic canon while simultaneously investing and uplifting underrepresented voices in the Baltimore community through photography. This project looks to support local and native residents in Baltimore to showcase their photographic vision and give them the ability to showcase photographs in two gallery spaces.

This project starts with disseminating 100  disposable cameras into the Baltimore community via NomuNomu and Black Artist Research Space. These spaces are dedicated to changing the landscape of the art world by engaging with the community and curating shows that emphasize activism. We will also distribute cameras through community workers and small local businesses I have enjoyed working with prior.

The participating artists will be taking photographs with the cameras for a month. During this time, we will be holding programming in both NomuNomu and Black Artist Research Space with local photographers showcasing talented artists based in Baltimore. They will lead workshops and help work through project ideas with the participating artists.

Next, the participating artists will drop off the cameras in drop boxes at the art spaces mentioned. We will process and scan locally at Full Circle Photo. We will next curate the show with the help of Rhea Beckett and Joseph Orzal.

The project cumulates with a community art show and flat-files exhibition. The shows will take place at NomuNomu and Black Artist Research Space. The participating artists will retain the rights to their work, and we will give them digital copies of the photographs.

We look to finance this project at no cost to the participant with this grant. The grant will go to the purchase of the cameras, the cost of developing, scanning the film, printing for the shows, and flat files and framing of the works. The artists will retain copyright and by working with us will allow us to present the work and  have the option to sell the work if they choose. 

Baltimore has rich culture and history that should be explored. This project will allow the much-needed accessibility to the arts and a support system to create and share their work.